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Each business is unique & have specific requirements. Business loan is offered by various banks & financial institutions across the country are customized & customer centric.Business loans are very special to Loan47 and we have been helping our customers scale to new heights of success by helping them finance their dreams for their enterprises.

The business loan works as the perfect financial aid for such situations. Taking a business loan is always a safe and easy way to tackle your business related financial needs.These loans can be secured as well as unsecured. Secured business loans generally have lower interest rates. You can also apply for a business loan if you want to start a new business.Loan 47 is actively engaged in offering best rate of interest of business loan to our valuable clients.

To start any business or to carry on the functionality of the existing business one needs funds. But the question arises from where you can get these funds. The answer to this question will come from Loan47 which work successfully in Bhopal and many other cities.

Documents Required for business loan

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Proof of Continuity Of Business
  • Bank statements of last six months.
  • Board Resolution (If Pvt. Ltd. Co. is co-borrower/Partnership Authorization Letter {if partnership firm is co-borrower}
  • ITR & Statement Of Computation of Income – for last 2 Years
  • CA Certified or Audited P/L Acc Statement and for >40 Lacs cases Audit report along with schedules of P&L and Balance Sheet – for last 2 years
  • Latest ITR of Co-Applicants – For last 2 Years
  • Ownership Proof of Residence or Office